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Sure Smile Orthodontics

SureSmile clear aligners for hassle-free, discreet teeth straightening

You can’t have a beautiful grin if there is no symmetry in your smile. Unfortunately, you may not be motivated to wear braces if you struggle with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. There is some good news. You don’t have to straighten your smile with conspicuous appliances. SureSmile clear aligners from Dublin Family Dental offer the perfect cosmetic alternative. Instead of wires and brackets, SureSmile orthodontics uses transparent straightening trays to align your smile with subtlety, comfort, and speed.

How does the SureSmile system work?

If you have heard about Invisalign, SureSmile operates with the same principle. During your consultation with Dr. Cynthia Ignacio, we will digitally scan your mouth — no more gooey, gag-inducing impressions. We feed the digital images into sophisticated software, which simulates your treatment plan. This way, we can create a realistic model of your treatment, enabling you to see the treatment outcome even before the actual treatment begins.

Once you are aligned with the treatment, we send the models to a dental lab to create your straightening trays. Once they arrive, you will wear the straightening trays in a series. After one or two weeks, your aligners may lose their tight grip, meaning you need to move to the next series. This cycle continues until your teeth are perfectly aligned.

Compliance with SureSmile aligners is crucial for the success of your treatment. Always wear your trays for about 20-22 hours a day. Only remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth.

The benefits of invisible teeth aligners

If you want to straighten your teeth without the hassle of metal braces, you now have a great solution with SureSmile aligners. Some of the benefits you can expect from this treatment include:

  • Discreet therapy that no one will notice you are straightening teeth
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Faster treatment if you comply with the usage
  • It’s a great option for patients allergic to metal
  • It doesn’t alter how you clean your teeth
  • Custom-made to ensure a comfortable fit

Want to learn more about the SureSmile orthodontic system? Want to straighten your teeth with minimally invisible teeth aligners? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, please dial (925)833-0500 to book an appointment with Dublin Family Dental. We are located in Dublin, CA but serve the surrounding regions of San Ramon, Pleasanton, Danville, and Livermore, CA.