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Cerec Same Day Crowns

Skip the Wait and Restore Your Teeth with CEREC Same-day Crowns

Your tooth hurts, and when you run your tongue over it, there is a hole that makes it painful and sensitive. For sure, the cavity seems too large for a dental filling, so a dental crown it is. Unfortunately, the thought of a dental crown doesn’t sit well with you. You have been down this road before. The last time you received a dental crown, the treatment required multiple appointments spread across several weeks.

Luckily, you don’t have to undergo the hassle of traditional crowns. With CEREC crowns from Dublin Family Dental, Dr. Ignacio can prepare, create, and install your crown as you wait. So, the multiple appointments you had last time can be condensed into one visit! Amazing, right?

How Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) works

When you visit our dental office for crown treatment, the initial steps are similar to traditional crown restoration. Our dental team evaluates your teeth, and if the damage can be rectified with a crown, we numb your tooth and modify it to create room for a dental cap. Next, we take digital scans of your mouth using an intraoral camera. Then, our computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) unit picks the scan and Dr Ignacio designs a crown made just for you. Once the design is approved, we create your crown using an in-house milling machine in as little as 15 minutes.

After your crown is milled, we make minor changes, customize the color to match your smile, and use dental cement to permanently bond it to your tooth. And just like that, your tooth is restored, and your smile looks better than ever!

Benefits of CEREC crowns

Same-day crowns are as good as their traditional counterparts but with the added convenience of being prepared and installed in just a day. While CEREC crowns are made in one visit, that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. Depending on location and maintenance, they can last 10-15 years and even longer.

The other benefits of CEREC crowns include:

  • No wait — the restoration is done in one appointment
  • Don’t require you to wear an ill-fitting temporary crown
  • They fit well because of precision during design and creation
  • They don’t involve messy bite impressions

Want to get your tooth function and confidence back with CEREC crowns in Dublin, CA? Please dial (925)833-0500 to book an appointment with the Dublin Family Dental team.