Do you have broken or damaged teeth and want a simple and effective solution that restores your smile immediately? If so, same-day dental crowns may be the right solution for you. Dublin Family Dental provides residents in Dublin, California and the surrounding Tri-Valley area with same-day crowns that will give you immediate results.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Application Process

People with broken or damaged teeth may be able to restore them with same-day dental crowns at Dublin Family Dental.  Rather than having to make several appointments over many weeks, in most cases, this process can be done in just a few short hours and a single visit.

Same-day dental crowns are ideal for individuals who want fast results that are long-lasting and look completely natural. They are also designed to be quite durable and can last for many years. This permanent solution may be ideal for your particular situation and allow you to keep your teeth even when the damage is beyond being able to be repaired by a filling.

Your dentist will examine your mouth and ensure that your tooth and periodontium  (gum and bone) can support your crown. The goal is to ensure there are no hidden issues related to the tooth and the surrounding tissues that would affect the longevity of the crown. If there are other pre-existing conditions, your dentist may want to address them before proceeding with the dental crown.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic or CEREC is the method used to provide same-day crowns. The dentist prepares the tooth for the crown by making precise adjustments to the tooth. During this process, a numbing agent will be administered to prevent discomfort. 

The dentist then takes digital scans of the patient’s mouth using an intraoral camera. The images are sent to the CEREC unit, where a porcelain crown is designed and then sent to a milling machine, which creates the crown in minutes. The crown is created while the patient waits at our office. 


After the dentist ensures the accurate fit of the crown, it will be secured to your tooth with special cement. Once installed, the crown will look natural, like your existing tooth. You can continue to eat as you normally would and resume your regular dental care routine.

Same Day Dental Crowns in Dublin, California

If you’re interested in getting more information about same-day crowns or scheduling an appointment for a consultation, we are ready to help. Call Dublin Family Dental at [phone] to get started. We proudly serve the residents in and around Dublin, California.

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