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Tooth Extractions
Dublin, CA

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Tooth Extractions to Remedy Dental Problems

At Dublin Family Dental we offer a wide range of dental restorative procedures to ensure that your damaged tooth is repaired and saved. However, when these solutions are not enough to save the tooth, pulling it out (extraction) might be the only solution.

A tooth extraction helps to get rid of the troubling tooth/teeth, which can, in turn, offer you relief from pain and other problems such as swelling and inflammation of the gums. The extraction also helps to prevent the worsening and occurrence of additional dental problems, which can happen if a damaged tooth is left in the jaw.

Common Dental Problems Requiring Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction procedure is a last resort dental solution, which is used when a badly damaged tooth is beyond saving. This can be a result of:
•  Tooth decay and cavities that spread to the pulp, and which cannot be treated using root canal and dental fillings.
•  A damaged tooth (broken or fractured) following a dental injury.
•  Periodontal disease that has spread to the jawbone, causing the teeth to become weak.

Besides tooth damage, tooth extractions can be used to get rid of teeth that are:
•  Impacted, and are causing pain and discomfort.
•  Overcrowded - to get rid of some teeth so there is space for the remaining natural ones.

Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple tooth extraction is a simple dental procedure that is performed to get rid of a tooth. It involves loosening the hold that the roots have in the jawbone, before lifting (extracting) the tooth. The procedure is performed under sedation, where a local anesthetic is applied to the gum tissues surrounding the tooth.

To ensure there are no complications, dental imaging using x-rays is performed before the procedure, at the diagnosis and evaluation stage. The x-ray images are then used to study the position of the roots, to determine whether or not a simple extraction is the right procedure.

Surgical Extractions for Complicated Teeth Problems

When there is a complication with the tooth being extracted, a simple extraction might not be effective. In such a case, a surgical extraction is needed to fully extract the tooth. The procedure involves cutting into the gum tissues near the tooth to expose its roots. Usually, the jawbone surrounding the tooth is removed, to create access to the entire roots section. The tooth is then removed by either pulling it off as a whole or cutting it into sections and pulling them off one by one.

A surgical extraction is usually needed for complicated teeth problems such as:
•  A broken tooth - which would thus be impossible to pull off due to a small tooth structure.
•  Badly positioned tooth roots - which could cause complications of the jawbone, or with other teeth.
•  Abnormally large roots, which cannot be easily pulled off from the tooth socket.
•  Impacted teeth - these teeth either fail to emerge or emerge partially. In either of the scenarios, the impacted tooth is covered by gum tissue and sometimes, bone tissue. Simple extraction would thus be impossible.

Having trouble with one or more of your teeth? You may need a tooth extraction to get rid of the damaged or problematic tooth. Call us, Dublin Family Dental at (925)833-0500 to schedule an appointment.
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When possible, we always strive to save a damaged tooth first. However, a tooth extraction helps to get rid of the troubling tooth/teeth, which can offer you relief from pain and other problems such as swelling of the gums.
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