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Teeth Whitening
Dublin, CA

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Getting Rid of the Stubborn Tooth Discolorations

Having stains and discolorations on your teeth can greatly affect your smile. Moreover, despite your best efforts, brushing and rinsing - aggressive as it might be - cannot get rid of some of these stains. As a result, you are forced to hide your smile while interacting with other people. However, did you know that it is possible to get rid of these stubborn tooth stains and discolorations?

At Dublin Family Dental we offer tooth whitening treatments as part of our cosmetic dental services which help to get rid of stubborn stains, thus restoring the full natural appearance of your teeth. Read on to find out more about these treatments.

What Causes Discoloration of the Teeth?

Before looking at tooth whitening treatments, it is important to understand what causes the discoloration. There are several reasons why your teeth can become stained or discolored, with the most common ones being:
•  Long-term consumption of beverages that can stain your teeth, for example, coffee, red wine, and some sodas and juices (those that contain black currant).
•  Long-term smoking - due to nicotine and tar found in cigarettes. Staining can also happen due to the chewing of tobacco.
•  Effects of certain medications - mostly antibiotics and when taken at a young age.
•  The effects of aging - the enamel and the dentin (an inner layer of the tooth beneath the enamel) become dull over time, leading to discoloration.
•  Internal staining of the tooth due to blood and other leaked fluids - which can happen following a dental injury.

Teeth Whitening Solutions

There are several teeth whitening solutions that can be used to restore the natural color of your teeth. These solutions can be classified into two main categories:
•  Professional Tooth Whitening.
•  DIY Whitening.

Professional Tooth Whitening Solutions

Also known as in-office tooth whitening, these are solutions offered during your dental visit. They involve the use of a whitening/bleaching agent, which is applied to the surface of your tooth to get rid of the stains and discolorations.

The whitening agent contains an active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide), which penetrates the enamel to reach where the stains are located. It then interacts with the stains by oxidizing their molecules, which causes them to break down. As a result, your teeth appear brighter and whiter.

During the tooth whitening process, laser light may be used to activate the bleaching agent to produce faster and more effective results. This process is referred to as light-activated tooth whitening. However, some whitening agents are chemically activated (by their ingredients), and thus do not require light activation.

There are several whitening agents that can be used for the treatment, each varying regarding the strength and how it works. The choice of the agent used is dependent on the specific dental needs, and the preference of the patient.

DIY Whitening Solutions

These are at-home whitening solutions, which involve the use of commercial whitening products such as rinses, whitening toothpaste, bleaching gels, and whitening chewing gums. These solutions can help to restore the natural appearance of your teeth, but since they are designed for a wide range of customers, they might not cater to the specific needs of everyone. Discussing these options during your dental visit is always a good idea.

At Dublin Family Dental we are committed to offering you the best cosmetic care to help remedy all of your dental imperfections. Our tooth whitening solutions can help to get rid of the stains and discolorations affecting your teeth and restore your natural smile. Call us today at (925)833-0500 to schedule a consultation.
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At Dublin Family Dental we offer tooth whitening treatments which help to get rid of stubborn stains, thus restoring the full natural appearance of your teeth. Click to learn more.
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