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Digital Radiography

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Dental Digital Imaging Services

At Dublin Family Dental, we are committed to offering you superior dental solutions that will remedy the dental problems facing you. However, to offer you the right dental solutions, we must be able to accurately diagnose your needs. While a visual dental examination will give us an idea of the dental problems troubling you, it will not tell us everything. This is the reason we rely on advanced diagnostic technologies such as digital radiography. Digital radiography technology helps to produce detailed digital images of your oral features, thus helping us to accurately diagnose you.

What Does Digital Radiography Involve?

Digital radiography is one of the latest dental imaging technologies that is used in observing dental features: the teeth, gums, jawbone, and other soft tissue. It involves the use of digital x-rays to produce a digital image of your mouth. During a digital x-ray process, a small electronic sensor is placed in your mouth, with the sensor being then connected to a computer screen. X-rays are then directed towards your mouth, which allows the sensor to capture an image of your dental features. This image is projected to the computer screen, thus allowing for the examination of your mouth.

Why the Need for Digital Dental X-rays?

Digital x-rays are usually taken on a regular basis - for example, every six months or yearly - to observe your dental health status. During these regular imaging sessions, your oral features are observed for any signs of dental problems. As a result, any dental health issues are easily detected at their onset, allowing for early treatment. When used this way, digital x-rays can reveal several dental problems such as:
•  Tooth decay.
•  Tooth alignment issues.
•  Tooth development abnormalities.
•  Abscess, cysts, or lesions.
•  Bone loss.
•  Tumors.

Aside from the regular dental imaging sessions, digital x-rays can also be used in the following situations:
•  To provide an accurate diagnosis of a dental problem that has been identified.
•  To create a treatment plan - for example, to plan for the proper placement of dental implants.
•  To track the progress of dental treatment - for example, if you are getting an orthodontic or dental implant treatment.
•  To monitor the progress of a dental health condition.

Are Digital X-rays Safe?

Digital x-rays involve radiation exposure, which tends to frighten many people. Moreover, while this is a valid concern, digital radiography is quite a safe procedure with minimal risk of complications. Our use of digital x-rays, as opposed to traditional film x-rays, helps to significantly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. We also take additional measures such as only taking the x-rays when necessary, and using a lead apron to shield the rest of your body from radiation exposure.

Therefore, a digital x-ray session with us is a safe procedure, which offers several benefits that help to greatly improve your dental health.

At Dublin Family Dental, our use of digital x-rays enables us to reach an accurate diagnosis of your dental problem, which in turn allows us to offer you the right dental solutions. Call us today at (925)833-0500 with any questions you might have about the procedure, or to schedule an appointment.
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