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Oral Cancer Screening

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Services for Early Detection and Treatment

Cancer is a disease that is feared by many people and with good reason. Oral cancer is one of the many forms of this disease, and every year, it claims the lives of thousands of people. However, despite its seriousness, a good number of people do not know much about it. As a result, when the disease strikes, it catches them unaware, only detected when it is too late. Fortunately, this can be avoided with early detection and treatment. At Dublin Family Dental, we offer oral cancer screening services, which helps to detect the disease at its onset, thus allowing for timely and lifesaving treatment.

Understanding Oral Cancer

Cancer is a medical condition characterized by the abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells, which spread to the surrounding tissue, causing damage. Oral cancer refers to cancer that affects various parts of the oral cavity, including:
•  The lips.
•  The gum tissue.
•  The tongue.
•  The inner lining of the cheeks.
•  The floor and roof of the mouth.
•  The throat.

Oral Cancer Causes

Oral cancer develops when the cells in your oral cavity mutate, leading to the growth of cancerous cells and tissue. However, there is no clear cause as to why the cells start to mutate. Several factors can, however, increase the risk of oral cancer developing. These include:
•  Excessive smoking (and/or chewing of tobacco).
•  Heavy consumption of alcohol.
•  Excessive exposure to UV radiation from the sun - this can lead to lip cancer.
•  A weakened immune system that makes your body vulnerable.
•  Viral infection from HPV virus.
•  Previous cancer (oral or other forms).

Oral Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Due to the fast and uncontrollable growth of cancerous cells, early detection and treatment are vital. It is possible to detect oral cancer through the following signs and symptoms:
•  Irritating pain in the mouth.
•  Red or white spots within the mouth.
•  Small lumps in the mouth.
•  A chronic sore throat and hoarseness.
•  Drastic weight loss.
•  Trouble moving your jaw or tongue, which especially happens when chewing and swallowing food, or talking.

Accurate detection and diagnosis of oral cancer are possible through oral cancer screening.

The Oral Cancer Screening Procedures

Oral cancer screening involves a physical, dental examination to determine if you have oral cancer. The examination involves the observation of your oral cavity for signs of abnormal tissue growth. Most of the examination is done through touching (wearing gloves) the various soft tissues of your mouth. However, dental imaging technologies such as an intraoral camera, CT scans, and MRI scans might also be used.

If signs of oral cancer are detected during the examination, a further test, a biopsy test, is then ordered. This test involves removing a sample of tissue from the suspicious or abnormally growing tissue. The tissue sample is then analyzed to reach an accurate and definitive diagnosis. After the diagnosis, a customized treatment plan will be created if you are found to have cancer.

Finding that you have oral cancer can be scary, to the extent of making you ignore possible signs and symptoms. However, prevention is a better option, as it can ensure early and successful treatment. So, if you have noticed any signs of oral cancer, call us, Dublin Family Dental, at (925)833-0500 to schedule an appointment for oral cancer screening.
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