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Dentistry for Kids

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Tender Dental Care for Your Little One

At Dublin Family Dental, we are committed to offering quality dental care not only to you but to your entire family as well. This is why we offer comprehensive pediatric dental care, which helps to ensure that your child’s oral health is properly maintained during their growing years. Whether it is the first visit, a routine dental exam, a dental emergency, or you are seeking treatment for a dental problem affecting your child, you can count on us to offer them the best treatment in a lovely and relaxing setting.

The First Dental Visit

The first appointment is a huge deal for both you and your child. This is why we go out of our way to make sure that the experience is pleasant for both of you. During the visit, we will examine your child to observe the development of their teeth and bite. We will also discuss regular dental visits, which will allow us to monitor tooth development, as well as identify any potential dental problems such as cavity development.

Pediatric Dental Treatment

On top of the first and regular dental appointments, we also offer a range of pediatric dental solutions, which are geared toward preventing or remedying dental problems. These solutions include:
•  Infant oral health exams - these help to detect potential risks for dental health issues, for example, tooth decay and carries.
•  Preventative dental treatments, for example, professional dental cleaning and fluoride treatments to guarantee the development of healthy and strong teeth.
•  Early orthodontic treatments - we also monitor your child for early signs of orthodontic problems, and when they occur, we offer various solutions to fix them. Our treatment solutions also include preventive care, for example, the use of space maintainers.
•  Tooth restoration treatments to remedy tooth decay, infections, and other teeth problem.
•  Gum disease treatments to either prevent or treat gum disease.
•  Pediatric emergency dental care to remedy dental injuries that result in fractured, broken, displaced or knocked out teeth.
•  Baby tooth extractions.

Dental Sedation for Kids

Your child might be anxious or even afraid of a dental visit, which can make it impossible to offer dental care. This is why we offer sedation, which helps to relax your little one during various dental procedures, and in the case of invasiveness, numb them from pain. We have several sedation options for kids, including nitrous oxide sedation and anesthesia. During a dental visit, we will work together to choose the most appropriate sedation option to use.

Dental Education for a Healthier Smile

Aside from dental care, we also offer oral health education material. This enables you to empower your child to take care of their teeth. Oral health education covers various areas such as oral hygiene practices, dental visits, teeth problems, and others.

Dublin Family Dental can help to offer your child a great start when it comes to oral health, offering him or her benefits that will last a lifetime. Our pediatric dental care can also help to spare both of you from serious and expensive dental problems in coming years. So, call us today at (925)833-0500 to schedule an appointment for your child.
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